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By Aaron Brown on 4/21/2011 10:10 AM
Did you know that Re-Pros is integrated with OPENLANE?

MBSi has partnered with OPENLANE to provide a seamless way for you to create new revenue and enhance your marketability with your current and prospective clients by selling vehicles directly from your lot.

Selling vehicles on OPENLANE is fast and easy. Once you’re signed up, with a few simple mouse clicks an inspection will be ordered, the vehicle will be listed and sold. The buyer arranges transportation for the vehicle from your lot, you get paid, and you are done!

The Re-Pros/OPENLANE integration makes the listing process a snap. When you recover a vehicle and store it on your lot, you can access the assignment and click the “Send Vehicle to OPENLANE” button. Re-Pros will auto-populate all of the fields that OPENLANE needs to get the vehicle listing process started. It is literally that simple.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Re-Pros/OPENLANE...
By Aaron Brown on 4/4/2011 4:26 PM
As promised on my first blog post, today I will be discussing our MBSi License Plate Purchase and DRN Integration with you.

Using the MBSi Plate purchase feature, you can now purchase license plate data through Re-Pros or iRepo!

“What is the MBSi Plate Purchase feature” you say? Glad you asked.

The MBSi License Plate Purchase (LPP) feature gives Re-Pros and iRepo users the ability to manually purchase license plate data on one or multiple assignments. Additionally,  LPP can be activated to automatically purchase license plates on all new assignments. 

Once purchased, LPP automatically populates your plate data into Re-Pros or iRepo assignments, so you don’t have to do any additional data entry!

Another great aspect of LPP is the reporting capability. Participating vendors will be able to audit license plate...
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