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By Aaron Brown on 8/8/2011 7:26 AM
I’ve covered a broad scope of products and integrations over the past few months. Today I want to re-touch on one topic. I’ve found that a lot of our customers have been linking their DRN (Digital Recognition Network) accounts with Re-Pros, and once they sign up for the MBSi Plate Purchase feature, they can’t stop raving about it.Using the MBSi Plate purchase feature, you can now purchase license plate data through Re-Pros or iRepo!Let me refresh your memory about the MBSi Plate Purchase Feature. The MBSi License Plate Purchase (LPP) feature gives Re-Pros and iRepo users the ability to manually purchase license plate data on one or multiple assignments. Additionally, LPP can be activated to automatically purchase license plates on all new assignments. Once purchased, LPP automatically populates your plate data into Re-Pros or iRepo assignments, so you don’t have to do any additional data entry!Couple LPP with our complete DRN Integration, and your company will have robust asset location technology which will...
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