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By Aaron Brown on 7/18/2011 1:59 PM
Today I am going to tell you a bit about our IT Support option which we will be launching in the coming weeks. It is a MUST HAVE for anyone who cares about keeping their computers running at top performance!With all the other things you have going on as a business owner you can’t afford to spend valuable time on computer problems. The last thing you need is an error message, virus, printer failure, or slow processor taking you away from every day operations and potential revenue.That’s why we at MBSi are going to start providing IT Support through our newest resource! Let us be your in-house IT team handling issues that may arise with your desktops, laptops, or printers. Many of the issues you encounter can be resolved by our support staff via a remote connection to your computer. Lose a crucial file or document? We can retrieve it for you. Maybe you need a hardware update, we can handle that as well!IT Support by can also save you time and money with physical computer repairs. Instead...
By Aaron Brown on 6/27/2011 8:05 AM
This week I will be covering , which is now the place to find a myriad of tools and resources that MBSi offers to help your business excel in the Repossession Industry.

As I mentioned last week, one of the most crippling issues that small and medium sized repossession companies currently face is a lack of credibility.

This could be because you’re busy running your business to the best of your ability and might not have the time to focus on peripheral things like your marketing message. Also, you might not have enough branding expertise, or you might lack the resources to create a message that will give you the breakthrough you need to compete with the large forwarding and repossession companies.

Perhaps your difficulty is not with marketing, but with unruly computers that are slowing you down. Maybe the issue is that because you’re busy, you might...
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