Re-Pros and DRN

This integration will enable Re-Pros users to take full advantage of DRN’s LPR platform making it possible for Re-Pros agents to have all of their open accounts searched for by DRN’s network of over 1,000 mobile LPR Cameras across the country.

In addition to improving their efficiencies and recovery rates, Re-Pros users will also have the opportunity to participate in DRN’s LPR2.0 /Locate, Pickup, Real-Time program allowing for the real time recovery of wanted vehicles located by DRN’s Affiliates. DRN has added more than 40,000 accounts into the LPR2.0 program.

“With the completion of the repossession company integration, Re-Pros users will be able to work seamlessly with DRN’s exciting new technology. The real-time dynamic flow of data between DRN and Re-Pros provides a new avenue of growth and technology opportunity for repossession companies across the country,” said John Rhodes, President of Re-Pros.

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