DRN Commits More Than $1,000,000 to Support Growth
 For the past two years, Digital Recognition Network (“DRN”) has constantly worked to bring more opportunities to DRN and its Affiliate partners. The introduction of the LPR2.0platform, which has generated nearly 20,000 repossessions exclusively for DRN Affiliates, was a big milestone in support of this effort. More and more lenders are utilizing the LPR2.0 platform every day. As clients have gained confidence in the LPR2.0 platform, a recurring question is asked by them, “Who are your Affiliates and how do I know they are reputable agencies?” We frequently explain that almost all of our Affiliates belong to one of the trade associations, are properly insured, and, as indicated by their investment in DRN, have shown their commitment to being one of the most technologically advanced agents in the industry.

But in today’s increasingly competitive environment, just saying you are the best is not enough, you must prove yourself – everyday. That is why, in 2011, DRN intends to answer this question emphatically with real, verifiable data and a $1,000,000 commitment to back it up.

DRN has long been a steadfast supporter of our Affiliates’ commitment to maintaining a high level of professionalism, conduct, and education to serve the automotive finance community with the highest level of service possible. We are fully aware that maintaining this level of professionalism is not cheap. We know that the cost of training drivers and maintaining proper insurance is a significant expense for each of you - expenses that “fly-by-night” agencies don’t have. Unfortunately, there have been very few opportunities for you to distinguish yourself from the others in the eyes of the lender.

To help solve this problem, DRN is pleased to announce two strategic partnerships that will elevate this standard of professionalism to an unprecedented level and will establish the DRN Affiliate network as the benchmark not only in recovery rates but in quality of education, training, vendor requirements, and certifications. DRN has recently reached agreements with both Recovery Industry Services Company (“RISC”) and Recovery Compliance Solutions (“RCS”), two companies that share DRN’s vision of creating a verifiable, objective method to separate those who make a true commitment to professionalism from those who do not.

Many of you are already familiar with these two companies. For more than 10 years, RISC and its owners have shown a commitment to offering education and training opportunities to the recovery industry. Their “CARS” (Certified Asset Recovery Specialist) and “FRS” (Field Recovery Specialist) certifications are the only government approved (state approved in Florida, Louisiana, and the City of Chicago, IL) certification programs and have become the industry standard for education and training of the repossession industry. These programs have been supported by the ARA, ALLIED, ALSCO, NFA, and TFA. In order to create the best possible education program for its Affiliates, at DRN’s suggestion, RISC agreed to combine the CARS and FRS programs into one course that covered all materials. This will dramatically streamline the testing process.

Recovery Compliance Solutions offers the only vendor compliance program available to both the repossession and auto finance industries. For national lenders, RCS will vet repossession agencies, verify insurance requirements, state and local licenses, and provide other vendor relationship services as well. In addition to servicing lenders like GMAC/ALLY, RCS will launch their RCS Certification program for repossession vendors in January 2011. The RCS certification will be the only independent third party certification that will provide lenders with the peace of mind, backed by a $1,000,000 insurance policy, that all agents with this certification meet their requirements. Additionally, the RCS certification comes with a host of benefits for the repossession agents, including the RCS Renewal Program, in which RCS will handle ALL of agencies insurance renewal obligations. Certified agents will only have to submit their renewal certificate once and RCS will make sure that all clients are kept up to date.

The agreements reached with RISC and RCS, insure that EVERY DRN AFFILIATE who chooses to participate, can obtain both the RCS certification for their company and the CARS certification for all of their field agents at no cost to the DRN Affiliate. All you have to do is participate. Please see the information below for the program details and benefits. RCS. download the full artical

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