Re-Pros "Constant Connect"
No internet connection? No Problem.

Repossession field agents using Re-Pros can have an uninterrupted, constant connection to assignment data using our Re-Pros “Constant Connect” (Laptop Synchronization).

Using the latest synchronization technology, a Re-Pros “Constant Connect” enabled laptop gives agents the most current synced information on assignments, whether they are in range of an internet signal or not.

How does it work?

Re-Pros “Constant Connect” is a secure, encrypted database that is stored on the field agent’s laptop which synchronizes active assignment data to the laptop when an internet connection is available. Re-Pros “Constant Connect” is actively storing all new assignments and changed data locally to the laptop so that field agents can continue running assignments when an internet connection is not available. During periods of internet unavailability, all field agent laptops store changed data locally until an internet connection is restored. Once an internet connection is re-established, the laptop will again synchronize with the main database so that the home office has access to the latest information.

With our Re-Pros ”Constant Connect” option, you and your field agents will always have the data you need, regardless of internet coverage!

For more information about the Re-Pros ”Constant Connect” (Laptop Synchronization) option, or how to leverage this powerful option for your company.

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